Why take home just one bunny when you can fill your home with puffiness and love! Here's a group of rabbits who could really use some good luck for a change. They all started out in California, where they were living outdoors, along with 500 others, almost like a `herd'. Folks were calling them a nuisance and talking about putting them all to sleep! But fortunately, a nearby rescue group intervened, and now this group of bunnies is safe and sound. But they've never had a home! Some of them are shy like Robin (whose fur shines like a crushed velvet coat in the rain). Others are playful like Spring (Don't let the doe-brown eyes fool you. She can do daredevil bunny leaps in the air!) And others are mellow like Tulip, who enjoys spending her days lazing in the sun. But they all have one thing in common: They all want to go to a happy home where they can really belong! Let's meet everyone Peeps, Robin, Spring, Tulip, Liz, Lily and Piper!Rabbit, New Zealand Medium Female, Adult Animal ID: 1011422